Hotel Torni, Tampere (eng)


We selected Hotel Torni for the base camp during the South Park  –heavy music festival in Tampere. Hotel is located into very center of the city between the main railway station and Tullintori shopping center. The room was not on the top floor but the ninth floor was also well above the street level and next roofs. The sky bar on the very top of the building will certainly become one of the classics to enjoy the night with a good company. The view from the bar over the Finnish countryside is just amazing with all the forest and lakes. Interior of the bar was nicely decorated and it invited to stay and enjoy even for longer time than was available.


The room was spaciously decorated and very comfortable.  A big window gave a good view out and on the upper floor there was no need to draw the curtains to cover the sky in the night. On the morning was relaxing to lay on the bed and watch the morning rise. The one of the hotels most essential equipment, bed, was this time very soft and nice to sleep. A nice nest that you need after days gigs at the festival.

The hotel was full booked, but the breakfast was still running smoothly, even on the most crowded time in the morning. There was enough room to sit down and relax and the servings did not run out, like usually can happen.  Even the personnel had enough time to serve coffee and tea to the tables.  A good breakfast gave a good start-up kick for the day gym and for the long day and night with the heavy music..


The gym at this hotel was something extraordinary. You usually do not see such at the hotels. The design was made by Jutta Gustavsberg, one of our most famous personal trainers. You have a possibility to do a full training program without missing any part of the one our own personal trainer have prepared for us.




After the gym it was time to look for some extra energy from the restaurant Fit Wok before the first gig of the day. FitWok prepares towns best wok food from the fresh ingredients. This small restaurant managed to hit our instagram update of the mornings gym training and we decided to reward the good marketing effort by a visit.  On the lunch time the small restaurant was very busy and it took time to wait for the food, but it was worth of it. Restaurant is selling also take away servings and it seemed to make at least half of the lunch time sales. The small restaurant was decorated simply and it is very homey to enjoy the lunch also at the place. Thank you for the good food and big hand for the guys for a good concept.

To sum up, the two most important things in the hotels – bed for a good sleep and breakfast to start the day –  were both excellent. Even the hotel was full booked the personnel had a good attitude in all the situations. The small snack that was available at the lobby by request in the mid of the night was a big plus! The price for night snack was reasonable and together with the tea and teapot in the room it made us to survive over the night until the breakfast next morning. After a hot bath it was nice to sit on the bed to surf on the TV-channels and relax.

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