Deep in a swamp -Nikinita in a Disc Golf course



Diiiiisc…. foooore ! Okay, it is more like a short throw and a thumb and then everybody is looking for a terrain-coloured disc for a moment or two, forgetting at the very same moment, where is your own disc locating at this time. It is surprisingly difficult to throw that old beach toy from one disc catcher to another at a disc golf course. One cannot but envy, when looking the pro-throwers beautiful trajectories. Disc flies directly and smoothly after an assertive throw and curves in just the right moment. Professionals aside. A new acquaintance is a lot of fun and a new activity for the whole clan. Even when the wafer hurtles without any certain direction, it does not bother… not at least too much… Disc golf is suitable equally for all ages, skill and fitness levels. Disc will find a route to the catcher before long, either with one or plenty throws.

The tracks are usually built on the grass fields and on the forests. While you are playing you get fresh air and move your legs a few kilometers in a varied terrain at the same time. Tracks are maintained mostly by municipalities or associations and usage is usually free. The only required first investment is to acquire a few suitable discs. However, when the hobby continues, you will notice, that you have dozens of discs in your pro-bag! At least this clan seem to have a relatively great number of new missiles a  already. Own share of the amount of  the fast disc increase is precisely the beginner’s  fantastic disc throwing technique. While grappling your best disc once again from the bottom of the muddy water barrier, you might notice that others may time to time slip their puck on the wrong trajectory too.




A novice does not get very much out of a large amount of discs. Putter, designed for short distances, mid-range for  medium hauls and distance flyers are flying all just as well .. or at an wrong angle by a person who is just learning the basics of the throwing techniques. if we  just would remember to give us time to learn in peace. Short distance and direct would be quite a good target for a beginner. But a good track cannot be wasted, shouldn’t you at least try to get your disc to the basket with hole-in-one. Elbow just squeaks when the disc slips on it’s journey. Well, all that is actually irrelevant. Fun stuff. That’s what it is all about!

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